‘It’s like being bathed in something wonderful’.
This (above) is a description of Yoga Nidra by someone who has come to class.

It is a wonderful practice, devised by Sw. Satyananda.

It is a practice that does not discriminate, you just need to listen, be still, and know that you are doing what you are doing.

Some benefits of this practice

Yoga Nidra affords complete rest for your whole being, from gross to subtle. All that remains active is your conscious awareness. The ‘fight or flight’ aspect of the nervous system settles, the ‘rest and digest’ aspect of the nervous system becomes dominant. Systems within slow down, and the body sleeps. You awareness is still active, within a calm, still environment. Fully alert, you get to remember/feel your natural state, when truly consciously resting. How often do you become completely still while being fully conscious, aware of your awareness, diving deep within, and for how long? It is worth many tries.

Take the phone of the hook, let others know that you would like to be given a few minutes undisturbed. Lie down on your back on the floor ideally(though it can be done seated), cover with a blanket to stay warm, be still, listen and follow the instructions internally.

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