Surya Namaskara, aka salute to the sun, is a solar practice, energising. You might choose to do it facing the rising sun. It utilises asana, pranayama, and can involve different forms of awareness including chakra awareness and mantra. Using the whole body, moving with awareness and rhythm, timed with the breath, the whole bodymind is brought together as one, bringing a wonderful integrated experience. Moving and being still at the same time. Action and observation at the same time. Connecting the inner and outer life.

With practice, Surya Namaskara can become smooth and efficient, a continuous rhythmic flow from beginning to end. The result of regular appropriate practice is health and vitality on many levels.

The footage below shows one round of the practice, comprised of two halves, as taught in the Satyananda style. The best place to practice is on a level, flat, even surface. Maybe your lounge room, yard or yoga class. I do not recommend you practise on a surface that slopes gently downward toward a sheer cliff face with a large drop to the ocean below. It was sunrise and a very nice place..

For many people, Surya Namaskara will require preparation over time with other practices first, in order to develop awareness and mobilise the body for these movements. For some, this practice will need to be modified to make it appropriate for their needs. This is posted as a resource for students practising yoga and learning Surya Namaskara.

Note: Watching this, is not the same as doing it. It needs to be practised.

On Sunday 15th November, large groups of people will gather in cities and towns around Australia, and perform Surya Namaskara, guided by teachers, to raise funds for those in need. If this sounds interesting to you, you could have a look at the Yoga Aid website. If it appeals and you are inspired, you might register and join with others in this event.