This style of yoga is a meditative, systematic style of yoga that moves naturally, progressing from the gross aspects of ourselves to the subtle, working with and positively affecting our physical, energetic, mental, emotional states and perception. Developing finer states of awareness and experience.

What is Yoga?

So many definitions, all pointing to the same thing. I will put in just a few. The word yoga = union
Sivananda has said, ‘Yoga is the integration and harmony between thoughts, words and deeds, or integration between head, heart and hands’.

Some have said that depending on which level of experience you are viewing yoga from, it could be seen as: Physical harmony and health or mental balance and mental peace, or that yoga may be seen not really as union, but that the realisation of the union already existing is the culmination of yoga. Another, that yoga encompasses both a method and it’s end point, a method or path which one adopts to attain the realisation of yoga, of one’s true identity. It has also been said that the definition of yoga will be perhaps a little different for each practitioner, for the individual will relate to yogic experiences and hence explain them in different ways.

It has also been said that Yoga is a system of personal experience.

I would say it brings us closer to our optimal experience of life.

A classic text, the Bhagavad Gita says yoga is:





  • Equanimity in success and failure.
  • Skill and efficiency in action.
  • The supreme secret of life.
  • The giver of untold happiness.
  • Serenity.
  • The destroyer of pain.



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