The symmetry in nature (beauty) combined with what it does in spring is easily recognised by the same symmetry within. If this recognition is interrupted by reasoning, it will look nice and be pleasing to the mind, and the quality or depth of the experience is likely to finish there.

However, if left uninterrupted by ‘why?'(or its quantifying siblings), it will start moving in your chestal region. A recognition of something deeper can take place. An inspiring something.

Allowed further, the feeling of that symmetry will fill you like beautiful music, to the point where you cannot bear to interrupt it, pick it and put it on display, or sell it. It is priceless.

It is a silent recognition most sweet when it ‘dawns’ on us. With this dawning comes the experience of connectedness, not just with the nature, but with ourself – exploding the idea that we are separate – as the external nature is met by the same within us. Like seeing a reflection of the same part of ourself for the first time, recognising something of ourself. We become aware of our Presence within, once again. Very beneficial.


The experience will last if left alone to do as it does. It can be done consciously though needs to be done not with grasping, but with an allowing to arise. It can also be re-experienced and grown/increased by remembering. Not just a mental recall, but full feeling experience. A certain stillness is required for this. Stillness is the mother of inspiration.

This can happen with unexpected things, not just what we might normally consider ‘nature’, as all things are in nature.

With many thanks, the above photograph comes courtesy of my Brother, John.