Connected inside = Connected outside

You may be quite connected and feeling good, or disconnected and feeling not so good, and not necessarily aware of why, unless you choose to notice ‘why do I feel like this, and what might bring the opposite?’ Or its presence could become overwhelming and make itself known, such as feeling disconnected from ourselves, community, spirit, etc. Or feeling so connected that the sweetness pangs inside your chest, and when you realise it isn’t a problem with your heart, and the pangs feel good, you might notice that you are feeling connected. At these extremes union, or lack of it, is made obvious to you, but it might not register that the feelings have arisen from a sense of being in touch with, or out of touch with your self, what really matters, or what you value deeply.

This connected feeling can happen for no apparent reason, and brings with it boundless energy and joy. You might be unable to tell just what is creating the feeling, but you could probably describe it as feeling quite together and full of life. Feeling that everything is going to work out. It can feel so good, a constant excited nervous feeling that something good is about to happen.

At either end of this spectrum it is good to remember that the pendulum swings both ways. Good to remain grounded. To remain the witness, or, the one who knows these feelings are being experienced. It may sound a bit intellectual, but that is because you are reading this and it reads like an intellectual process. However you will truly experience things more deeply, as a feeling experience that brings knowledge.

The more internally connected you become, the more connected you feel generally. There is less desire to ‘be connected’ outside, or to have evidence of being connected, because you feel connected. People who are connected internally seem to be less needy than others who are not, more self reliant.

Yoga is not just a practice, it is how we are naturally. Connected, yoked. Naturally we, rather than I. The practices that are called yoga are methods toward being more connected. Connected with self and others. If you behave in the fashion ‘we’, you will feel more connected also. Swami Sivananda lived and espoused the ideal ‘Serve, Love, Give, Do good, Be good, Purify, Meditate, Realise’.

What is Realised?

Yoga, Ultimate yoga, Ultimate Union.

With what?

Yourself and the greater consciousness, what some call the divine.

Who connects you with you?

You do, silly! One way is to have reverence and appreciation for what and how you are doing what you do. Even the seemingly insignificant.

What can help get the job done well?

Good tools. There is nothing like good effective tools. Practice Yoga, the yogic toolbox is brimming with excellent tools for this job.

Who can help you connect?

Others. Others who are also endeavouring like yourself, like minded people. You might seek them out, and hang with them. If you want to be bitten by a mozzie, hang out in a swamp full of them.

So as they say, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Endeavouring to know yourself, connecting internally, will bring all of the external connections you need, along with strength and stability, fearlessness, joy, confidence and energy, humility and compassion, humour, knowledge – the list goes on…